Thoughts going into VAN/SJ Gm 4 that Boomer doesn’t want you to think about

The pre Game 3 post was interesting enough that I thought it warranted a pre Game 4 post:

  • The speculation is that both Ehrboff and Rome will not play Game 4.  How will the Nucks look with two defensive replacements?  If Keith Ballard is one of the two inserts, what can we expect?
  • Will TMac go with McGinn again in Game 4?  McGinn took out two Nucks dmen, but also took a 5 minute major that nearly cost the Sharks Game 3.
  • Ben Eager?  Will TMac risk things and go with Eager again?  My gut says no and that TMac will go with the same exact lineup as Game 3.
  • That also raises the question of the Sharks 6th dman.  If Demers is healthy, he’ll be in.  But if not, it doesn’t appear Braun will get a sniff even though Sharks fans are crying for it.  Huskins had 16 minutes in Game 3.  If he plays and gets the same amount of time, will he do anything that costs the team?  Should TMac factor in the Nucks defensive replacements in deciding whether go with Braun or Huskins?
  • Can Sharks keep up their PP tear in this series?
  • Can the Nucks keep up their PP prowess in this series?  They looked good even with two dmen down on that 5 minute PP.
  • Is Jumbo Joe now in the Conn Smythe talk?
  • Will the Orange and Teal Men return for Game 4?  They were actually amusing.
  • Can the Sharks finally have a lockdown third period in terms of goals allowed?
  • Can Marleau keep his goal and point steak going?
  • Will Pavelski get into the scoring in this game/series?
  • Will someone step up to be an SJ boob girl?

Enjoy the game.  Once again I will be drinking and trying to enjoy the game no matter what.



One thought on “Thoughts going into VAN/SJ Gm 4 that Boomer doesn’t want you to think about

  1. It’s Tues, Apr. 9th and you are ripping the Ranger legacy. Man, all the Leafs have to do is win a few games and the “proud, biased, delusional Canadians” conveniently forget about the Leafs legacy. Last Cup? What, ’65? How old would George Armstrong be today, 106? You are a babbling buffoon, Boomer. How that for alliteration?

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