Game 4 Summary and what Boomer won’t say (of course)

– Torrey Mitchell fails to clear puck, hooks one of the Sedins. 5 on 3, 1-0 Nucks.

– Logan Couture jumps on way too early, play puck. 5 on 3. 2-0 Nucks.

– Douglas Murray shoots puck over glass from own end. 5 on 3. 3-0 Nucks.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Sharks handed the Canucks the game, and maybe the series. In fact looking at all four games, the Sharks nearly handed the Nucks the sweep.

So what won’t Boomer say? He won’t say that the Sharks killed themselves, he’ll rather say that the Nucks are better. But this series really hasn’t proved that. all it’s proved is that in another WCF, the Sharks do what they do best: shoot themselves in the foot.

Thistel says if the Sharks don’t make the SCF/Win, it’s a failure, Boomer says it’s not and the Sharks are tremendously successful and we Sharks fans should be grateful.

Who’s right? Sorry, gotta side with Thistel here (of course!). This season if the Sharks don’t advance to the SCF, it will be because they made too many idiotic mistakes in several games of this series, not because the better team won. That means the losing team failed. If every game this series was a game where both teams brought it 100% and didn’t make stupid unforced errors (Too many men, delay of game from shooting puck over glass), and the Sharks still lost, FINE. Then the Sharks aren’t a failure. But the way this series is playing out? It’s a failure.

At this point to get to what Booomer is thinking the Sharks have to force a Game 7 in this series. That’s a tough hill to climb, especially with Game 5. Give this team a home Game 6 and they could eek it out, but they haven’t proved they can win in Vancouver. Let’s see what happens Tuesday.


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