What I sent Boomer today re: Ehrhoff vs. Heatley and how they are tied together

I know Ehrhoff is hurt, but Ehrhoff and Heater have been tied together since 2009. You see, it’s pretty well known in Sharks nation that the Ehrhoff cap dump trade was to make cap room for Heatley, which all happened in the same summer. So really the Heatley trade was for Michalek, Ehrhoff, Cheechoo and a 1st. At the time most Sharks fans were on the fence, but I think we’d all say now it’s been a horrible deal. I know Thistel is a big Heater fan, but really, I would rather have Michalek and his 20 something goals a year + what Ehrhoff brings to the table than Heatley, even if Heater was scoring 50 goals a year, which he’s not. Even if Michalek fell off the pace, Ehrhoff was a huge part of the Sharks D core depth until the trade. In 08-09, the Sharks D top 4 was Boyle, Blake, Ehrhoff, Vlasic. In 09-10 there was a dropoff due to the trades, and maybe things are different against the Hawks last WCF or the Canucks this WCF if the Sharks still had Ehrhoff.

Although Ehrhoff is now injured, I think this series is showing that Doug Wilson made HUGE mistake in dumping Ehrhoff so he can add Heatley. The Sharks glaring weakness right now is not in their forwards, it’s in their defensive core and if they had Ehrhoff these playoffs and last, maybe there’s a different result. I mention this because I thought this series would bring this back into the discussion, but I haven’t heard it yet. Doug Wilson has been one of the best GM’s the last decade, no question, but his glaring mistake is dumping Ehrhoff to make cap room for Heatley. You just don’t dump offensive mobile puck-moving dmen, certainly not for an aging disgruntled former sniper.


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