RIP ATL Thrashers, next up: The Panthers

Sorry people in Atlanta, I know the team had its fan and once again Atlanta is the only city to have a team relocate from its city to Canada (now twice). Again, I ask why the Panthers ownership doesn’t sell their loss machine and let someone else buy them and move them to another city, whether it US or Canada. The Panthers were much worse off than the Thrashers and everyone knows it, but doesn’t want to talk about it. Yes the Yotes have a bankruptcy situation which causes everyone to go nutso, but the Panthers attendence and TV ratings are beyond pathetic. Maybe they once thought Candian “Snowbirds” could provide enough fans, but from my experience the Snowbirds just watch their team on satellite (sometimes even Canadian satellite that they bring down and set up themselves).

Maybe the Panthers ownership likes to use the team and it’s HEAVY losses to offset gains from other enterprises? Just pure speculation on my part so don’t read into anything, but even with a very low payroll, the losses cannot simply be worth it. It just can’t. If the Thrashers can move to Winnipeg, something has to give as it relates to the Florida Panthers.


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