Game 3 of SCF looks like Game 3 of WCF

Underdog team down 2-0, comes home, burst of energy, wins by a large margin (or would have but for a 5 minute major that was either not a penalty/2 min minor only).

Point is, Game 3 of the SCF Bruins/Nucks looked a lot like Game 3 of the WCF Sharks/Nucks. I’m sure in Beantown they are excited, but so were Sharks fans after Game 3. Let’s see if the Bruins follow the Sharks pattern or write their own history.

I sent a short email to The Point. Thistel says Colie Campbell is happy because his son won and he’s not involved in the discipline of Aaron Rome for the hit. My thought is that Colie, if he still had that job, wouldn’t be involved in discipline of the SCF anyways because of his son/Bruins, so it’s a moot point, no?

The Point today in a few minutes on Sirius XM’s NHL Home Ice.


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