Boomer: Am I still a loon?

See what happens when a high stick with blood is actually called giving a team that is doing really well on the PP a double minor? IT CHANGES THE GAME. Who’s the loon now????


Some thoughts going into VAN/SJ Gm 3 that Boomer doesn’t want you to think about

As a Sharks diehard fan, of course I’m scared and nervous.  Sharks have lost 8 straight WCF games and never won at home in a WCF series.  As opposed to last year, I am glad they are down 0-2 going home rather than going on the road, but that’s little comfort.  I did hear that Louongo hasn’t won in HP Pavilion since 06-07, but hopefully the Sharks bad streaks end tonight as opposed to Louongo’s.

BUT this isn’t not entirely a Sharks fan blog, it’s an Anti-Boomer Gordon blog (remember, nothing personal, just hockey!).  Just some other thoughts that Boomer doesn’t want you to think about related to this game.  How do I know this?  Well I can’t know for sure, but on The Point he doesn’t seem to talk about many of these things:

  • Sharks 100% PP this series.  Can they keep this up?  Can they draw more than a couple of penalties per game?  It doesn’t appear that the Nucks are necessarily playing a style that causes them not get to penalties called on them, but, outside of conspiracy theories, the Sharks aren’t drawing enough penalties, by keeping feet moving, etc.  Imagine if the Sharks drew 6 PP’s tonight and converted on even 75% of them.  That four and a half goals.  What’s a half goal?  With the Sharks luck, it’s those pucks hitting the crossbar and hugging the goal line this series.
  • Let’s see how the fans at HP do.  Shark Tank is known to be the loudest arena in the league for playoffs, but down 0-2 it may not be the same atmosphere as the 98 playoffs, coming home down 0-2 in their WCQF series against the Stars.  I suspect it will be “Game 7” loud for a while, but if the Sharks don’t score in the first 10 minutes, things might calm down (sadly).  I HOPE it is “Game 7” noise throughout the entire game.
  • Supposedly Ben Eager is playing in Game 3.  Will he be a force or single-handedly cost the Sharks a chance to be in the game, again?
  • Related note:  Do the Sharks have a response to the Nucks third line with Torres and Lapierre?  It doesn’t seem so.  The Wellwood-Pavelski-Mitchell line did so well fo the Sharks in the first two rounds, BUT they seem to be too small for the Nucks third line.
  • If Jason Demers is hurt, will TMac still insist on going to Huskins instead of Justin Braun?  Huskins hasn’t worked out well in the last two, and Braun “replaces” Demers better than anyone else available.  This was a no brainer for Game 1, a total no brainer for Game 2, and well, TMac lunacy if he still goes with Huskins down 0-2.
  • The real question on everyone’s mind:  Will San Jose have a response to Vancouver’s boob girl???  Having been a former Sharks season ticket holder, I can tell you that HP Pavilion is a VERY conservative place to see a hockey game and they wouldn’t even tolerate a SJ PG-13 “sexually suggestive” girl…but I wanna see some SJ Boob girls…

Enjoy the game tonight.  Usually I don’t drink until after the game, but the situation has forced my hand:  there will be drinking before, during and after the game.  I will try to have fun no matter what.


Suggesting 8 mins of uncalled PP for a team with 100% PP = U r a loon according to Boomer/Thistel

1.)  The San Jose Sharks have a 100% PP this series.  They’ve scored on every PP they’ve had in these first two games.

2.)  In the first period, both Devin Setoguchi and Joe Thornton were blatantly high sticked and it drew blood.  This was CLEARLY shown on the Versus Broadcast.  It’s not even a subjective call, should have been two automatic double minors.  The Sharks should have had 8 more minutes of PP time in the first.  Maybe that doesn’t change the result, but given the Sharks have a 100% PP in this series, you never know.  Even if they don’t score, the Nucks are tired from defending.  Point is, that could have had an impact.

3.)  I suggested this several times to Boomer.  On the Point today, apparently *I* am the loon.  I’m crazy.  I need meds.  In fact Boomer is mailing me down some free Canadian meds to Dallas as we speak. (lol)

Really?  Crazy to think two uncalled DOUBLE minors in the first period when the game was very close could have had an imapct?  Come on.

I said it before, I’ll say it again.  In 2010, when the Sharks beat the Wings in 5, Boomer and Thistel complained about the refs, especially Games 1 and 2 when the Sharks got some 5 on 3’s.  But here with two obvious NON-SUBJECTIVE calls that would have resulted in TWO double minors are not called in the first, and the Sharks PP is clicking at 100% this series, that’s somehow not worth mentioning?????  Somehow I’m a loon for thinking it *might* have had an impact on the game (And thus the series)?

Come on guys.  Let’s forget about speculating as to stupid reasons why someone wouldn’t mention this, and simply ask: Why isn’t ANYONE in the hockey media mentioning this?

What Boomer should be thinking about after 2 periods of Sharks/Nucks Game 2

What I sent Boomer:

After 2 periods, Canucks 3, Sharks 2, Sharks, with their 100% PP, still were robbed of 8 minutes of PP time from the non calls on the high sticks to Setoguchi and Thornton. We’ll see if you find a way to conveniently forget to mention this on the Point Tomorrow Boomer, regardless of score, because it doesn’t matter who wins, the Sharks are getting hosed, we all know it, but nobody on hockey radio (or at least The Point) wants to point it out. But back in the 2010 Sharks/Wings series you both were crying about refs.

What Boomer should think after one period of SJ/VAN Game 2

My email to Boomer, we’ll see if he acknowledges it:


So far, after 1 period, I hope you notice that the Sharks have been ROBBED of two FOUR minute PP’s.  One was a high stick with blood to Setoguchi, the other a high stick with blood to Thornton.  No matter the outcome, hope you mention in your analysis.  I still contend it’s a JOKE that everyone gets on the refs when they give calls to the Sharks (Sharks/Wings 2010), but when the Sharks don’t get these blatantly OBVIOUS calls, nobody is crying foul.

Maybe you have Canadian Bias?  Yeah, I said it.

What about the relocation of the Florida Panthers?

Everyone is talking up a storm about the Thrashers maybe moving to Winnipeg, but I’m wondering where is the talk of the Panthers?  The Panthers appear to the have lowest attendence and TV ratings in the league, in fact, as I far as I can tell, it’s not even close.  The NHL has, sadly, completely failed in South Florida.  Everyone and their grandma knows its time for the Panthers to move somewhere.  Anywhere else but stay in the South Florida area.

We just had the Yotes scare (to be revisited next off season), the Thrashers possibly on their way to Winnipeg, so what about the Panthers?  Are their owners stupid or something?  Do they really think things will turn around and fans will start giving a damn about the Panthers?

I’m not of the opinion that the sports fans in South Florida are just hockey haters, but it doesn’t help that since that magical “neutral zone trap” “rat trick” run to the SCF in the late 90’s, the franchise has done NOTHING.  Well, okay, maybe not nothing, as they did get Roberto Louongo…and then traded him.  Somehow they had Jokinen for years, but they should just call him JOKE-inen.  Point is, the NHL could have succeeded in South Florida if there was a better on-ice product.  Ditto with the Thrashers in ATL and the Yotes in Phoenix.  But the reality is, the Panthers stunk so long in Florida that everyone down there gave up on the team and don’t follow them at all.  So why would the owners not be pushing to move? 

The Panthers could sell out every home game in 11-12 (And future seasons) in Hamilton, ONT.  They may not even sell out one home game in 11-12 in South Florida.  It’s time to call it a night in South Florida.

What Boomer should say tomorrow regarding Sharks/Nucks Game 1

Boomer should criticize the Sharks coaching staff for playing Huskins over Demers. On the Versus broadcast, they said they spoke to Trent Yawney (Sharks asst coach) and he said that Demers was healthy but they wanted to get Huskins into a game now so that JUST IN CASE he would be needed later on, he’d have a game under his belt, since he hasn’t played since February.

I’m sorry, that’s fucking ridiculous. The Sharks don’t have enough scoring from the blueline, and you simply don’t bench an offensive dman for Huskins. If anything, if you are to bench Demers, you play Braun. I don’t care about this crap of “oh, well if people get hurt by the time games 6 or 7 rolls around, we want Huskins to have played a game.”

Not when you need a offense, Yawney/TMac/etc, not when you need offense.

Of course Boomer won’t notice this or point it out, or even think that it might have had an effect, albeit slight, on the game. We’ll see though…

5/11/11 The Point

I missed most of the opening segment of The Point, darn it!! Didn’t get to hear if Boomer or Thistel finally acknowledged that the refs are missing HUGE calls this series with the Sharks/Wings. Certainly didn’t hear anything of the sort for the portion of the show I did hear. Hoping the podcast will come up soon, Thistel likes to mention that you can get The Point as a Podcast, but the last one posted is from May 3.

I did send Boomer the picture I posted here directly.

Once I do get to hear that portion of today’s Point, I’ll get to comment on it fully.

I’m over the loss, but come on, the refs are giving games to the RefWings


Last year’s series, when in Games 1 and 2 the Sharks had a few 5 on 3’s and cashed in, people cried about the refs all day and night.  This year when the refs are not calling ANYTHING on the Red Wings in Games 4 and 6, nothing.  Where’s the outrage?  Come on.  It’s pretty obvious the RefWings have been getting away with a lot since going down 0-3.  Maybe now that it’s 3-3, the refs will finally call a fair game.