Babcock’s comments and Boomer

Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock on Sharks acquisition of Brent Burns:

“They just hit a home run,” Babcock said of the Sharks. “That’s a gold medal pick. I’m pissed off.”

What will Boomer say? Or will he dismiss it, as usual? Hoping he’ll be on today at 2pm ET on “The Point.” Should be a fun show with so much to talk about regarding the draft and trades. BUT the Burns deal is easily the biggest blockbuster over this weekend, and is worthy of a few minutes (And not one) on the show. We’ll see, don’t let us down Boomer (like you usually do 🙂 ).

Edit:  No Point today, just continuous recapping of the NHL awards when I turned it on.  Sigh…


Memo to Pac Div: Offer sheet Doughty on July 1

The Kings made a SPLASH yesterday with their acquisition of Mike Richards.  With Kopistarrr and Richards, the Kings have now depth at center.  Yes they dealt away some of their winger depth,  but we all know Cup Contenders are strong down the middle (think Pittsburgh when healthy, San Jose).

So if you are a Pacific Division team, what do you do?  The Kings now have depth down the middle, a strong blueline, and good goaltending.  Not to mention still plenty of cap space this offseason.

What you do is simple:  On July 1, if Drew freaking Doughty is still unsigned, you sign him to an offer sheet.  5 years, $8-8.5M Cap hit.  Just about every Pac division team could fit that in.  Of course the Yotes wouldn’t do it, but the Ducks Stars and maybe the SHarks should consider it.  Even if the Kings match, they now have to pay Doughty at market price, no home town/RFA discount.  Some Kings fans are hoping his cap hit will be 5-6M.  Deano has an offer out to it, and I have to believe it’s in that range. 

BUT here you have a once in a generation 21 year old defenseman.  If he hits the market July 1, even the restricted market, how are teams not lining up for him?  Especially good teams with cap space:  those four firsts in RFA compensation don’t mean much if you are a good team and expect those picks to be low.  Also, for the Pacific Division, if the Kings match and have to pay an $2M in cap hit, and that $2M that can’t be spent  to get another player to fill out the Kings roster.

There are simply too many reasons for plenty of teams, especially those in the Pacific, to not offer sheet Doughty on July 1 if he’s still available.

Also, regardless of division, there are some intriguing defensemen RFA’s that can be offer sheeted if not signed by July 1:  Zach Bogosian, Keith Yandle, and Luke Schenn come to mind (Nashville is taking Weber to arbitration and now cannot be offer sheeted).  ALL are worth an offer sheet, of varying amounts of course.  Yandle is the most intriguing, arguably he’s worth a $5M + offer sheet, easily.  Schenn is a maybe for the $5M range, but $4M makes perfect sense (of course Leafs can easily match).  Bogo is the wild card:  no secre that ATL was unhappy with him, but who knows about Winnipeg.  They can certainly match any offer sheet, but how much is too much?  If someone wants Bogo for $5M cap hit, is that too much?


As a fan who enjoys July 1 and the NHL FA period, I’m hoping all of these RFA’s make it to July 1 still a FA so we can all see if offer sheets are thrown around and whether they will be matched.

Congrats Bruins…some SCF thoughts…

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup. I don’t think I have much of a counterpoint, but just wanted to say that. I thought that one goal that was punched in should have been disallowed, and a penalty shot awarded, but it didn’t effect the outcome so it’s moot.

They say it isn’t a series until you lose on home ice, so really it wasn’t a series until Game 7. 🙂 Sadly, the Canucks were banged up and didn’t have their A game. That might be an excuse for Game 7, but not Games 3, 4, and 6. Nucks will probably look back at Game 4 (just like the Sharks will look back at WCF Game 4 vs. Nucks) and think about missed opportunities. That was the game to steal in Boston and they let it get away.

Game 6 was all about the inability of the Nucks to weather the storm.

Hate to agree with Boomer on ANYTHING, but I do here: AV was one goal away from probably being fired (that one goal being the Game 7 OT vs. Hawks, if Hawks score and win AV Is probably fired). So why wouldn’t AV be fired now (or really, even if they won last night)? I didn’t hear AV’s post-game comments but much of the playoffs he has been whining like crazy.

Canucks brass should look at AV and realize that the Canucks almost won a cup in SPITE of AV, not because of him. If they were smart, they’d fire him and bring in new blood, BUT as a Sharks fan I don’t mind if they want to go another year with AV: I doubt they’ll get this close again to a Cup final with AV at the helm.

Now Joe Thistel calls me an idiot

Now apparently Boomer thinks I’m loon, and Thistel calls me an idiot.


Because Thistel tweeted that Colie Campbell must be relieved not to have to deal with the Rome suspension, to which I responded that’s a moot point because Colie wouldn’t have been doing discipline for this series because of his son playing for the Bruins (Colie never does/did discipline for any game involving his son, everyone knows this).

Point is, he’ll be relieved when big issues arise next year and next playoffs (not incl. Bruins games), not this SCF with the Bruins involved. Duh, right? Not to Thistel. I am an idiot, apparently. Go figure.

Game 3 of SCF looks like Game 3 of WCF

Underdog team down 2-0, comes home, burst of energy, wins by a large margin (or would have but for a 5 minute major that was either not a penalty/2 min minor only).

Point is, Game 3 of the SCF Bruins/Nucks looked a lot like Game 3 of the WCF Sharks/Nucks. I’m sure in Beantown they are excited, but so were Sharks fans after Game 3. Let’s see if the Bruins follow the Sharks pattern or write their own history.

I sent a short email to The Point. Thistel says Colie Campbell is happy because his son won and he’s not involved in the discipline of Aaron Rome for the hit. My thought is that Colie, if he still had that job, wouldn’t be involved in discipline of the SCF anyways because of his son/Bruins, so it’s a moot point, no?

The Point today in a few minutes on Sirius XM’s NHL Home Ice.

New Point today at 2pm ET / 11 am PT: Will Boomer finally give in?

There is a new edition of The Point today at 2pm ET / 11 am PT, and the question on everyone’s minds is very simple: Will Jim “Boomer” Gordon finally concede that the Canucks are diving their way to the Stanley Cup?

My gut says no, but we can hope. Given the game went to OT, we can probably expect yet another rant about playoff OT and how much Boomer hates it and hates that the outcome is so dramatically different depending on who scores (duh, right? Not to Boomer apparently).

Enjoy, today at 2pm ET / 11 am PT only on NHL Home Ice on Sirius XM. (On my XM dial it is 92, can’t speak for Sirius radios)

RIP ATL Thrashers, next up: The Panthers

Sorry people in Atlanta, I know the team had its fan and once again Atlanta is the only city to have a team relocate from its city to Canada (now twice). Again, I ask why the Panthers ownership doesn’t sell their loss machine and let someone else buy them and move them to another city, whether it US or Canada. The Panthers were much worse off than the Thrashers and everyone knows it, but doesn’t want to talk about it. Yes the Yotes have a bankruptcy situation which causes everyone to go nutso, but the Panthers attendence and TV ratings are beyond pathetic. Maybe they once thought Candian “Snowbirds” could provide enough fans, but from my experience the Snowbirds just watch their team on satellite (sometimes even Canadian satellite that they bring down and set up themselves).

Maybe the Panthers ownership likes to use the team and it’s HEAVY losses to offset gains from other enterprises? Just pure speculation on my part so don’t read into anything, but even with a very low payroll, the losses cannot simply be worth it. It just can’t. If the Thrashers can move to Winnipeg, something has to give as it relates to the Florida Panthers.

What I sent Boomer today re: Ehrhoff vs. Heatley and how they are tied together

I know Ehrhoff is hurt, but Ehrhoff and Heater have been tied together since 2009. You see, it’s pretty well known in Sharks nation that the Ehrhoff cap dump trade was to make cap room for Heatley, which all happened in the same summer. So really the Heatley trade was for Michalek, Ehrhoff, Cheechoo and a 1st. At the time most Sharks fans were on the fence, but I think we’d all say now it’s been a horrible deal. I know Thistel is a big Heater fan, but really, I would rather have Michalek and his 20 something goals a year + what Ehrhoff brings to the table than Heatley, even if Heater was scoring 50 goals a year, which he’s not. Even if Michalek fell off the pace, Ehrhoff was a huge part of the Sharks D core depth until the trade. In 08-09, the Sharks D top 4 was Boyle, Blake, Ehrhoff, Vlasic. In 09-10 there was a dropoff due to the trades, and maybe things are different against the Hawks last WCF or the Canucks this WCF if the Sharks still had Ehrhoff.

Although Ehrhoff is now injured, I think this series is showing that Doug Wilson made HUGE mistake in dumping Ehrhoff so he can add Heatley. The Sharks glaring weakness right now is not in their forwards, it’s in their defensive core and if they had Ehrhoff these playoffs and last, maybe there’s a different result. I mention this because I thought this series would bring this back into the discussion, but I haven’t heard it yet. Doug Wilson has been one of the best GM’s the last decade, no question, but his glaring mistake is dumping Ehrhoff to make cap room for Heatley. You just don’t dump offensive mobile puck-moving dmen, certainly not for an aging disgruntled former sniper.

Game 4 Summary and what Boomer won’t say (of course)

– Torrey Mitchell fails to clear puck, hooks one of the Sedins. 5 on 3, 1-0 Nucks.

– Logan Couture jumps on way too early, play puck. 5 on 3. 2-0 Nucks.

– Douglas Murray shoots puck over glass from own end. 5 on 3. 3-0 Nucks.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Sharks handed the Canucks the game, and maybe the series. In fact looking at all four games, the Sharks nearly handed the Nucks the sweep.

So what won’t Boomer say? He won’t say that the Sharks killed themselves, he’ll rather say that the Nucks are better. But this series really hasn’t proved that. all it’s proved is that in another WCF, the Sharks do what they do best: shoot themselves in the foot.

Thistel says if the Sharks don’t make the SCF/Win, it’s a failure, Boomer says it’s not and the Sharks are tremendously successful and we Sharks fans should be grateful.

Who’s right? Sorry, gotta side with Thistel here (of course!). This season if the Sharks don’t advance to the SCF, it will be because they made too many idiotic mistakes in several games of this series, not because the better team won. That means the losing team failed. If every game this series was a game where both teams brought it 100% and didn’t make stupid unforced errors (Too many men, delay of game from shooting puck over glass), and the Sharks still lost, FINE. Then the Sharks aren’t a failure. But the way this series is playing out? It’s a failure.

At this point to get to what Booomer is thinking the Sharks have to force a Game 7 in this series. That’s a tough hill to climb, especially with Game 5. Give this team a home Game 6 and they could eek it out, but they haven’t proved they can win in Vancouver. Let’s see what happens Tuesday.

Thoughts going into VAN/SJ Gm 4 that Boomer doesn’t want you to think about

The pre Game 3 post was interesting enough that I thought it warranted a pre Game 4 post:

  • The speculation is that both Ehrboff and Rome will not play Game 4.  How will the Nucks look with two defensive replacements?  If Keith Ballard is one of the two inserts, what can we expect?
  • Will TMac go with McGinn again in Game 4?  McGinn took out two Nucks dmen, but also took a 5 minute major that nearly cost the Sharks Game 3.
  • Ben Eager?  Will TMac risk things and go with Eager again?  My gut says no and that TMac will go with the same exact lineup as Game 3.
  • That also raises the question of the Sharks 6th dman.  If Demers is healthy, he’ll be in.  But if not, it doesn’t appear Braun will get a sniff even though Sharks fans are crying for it.  Huskins had 16 minutes in Game 3.  If he plays and gets the same amount of time, will he do anything that costs the team?  Should TMac factor in the Nucks defensive replacements in deciding whether go with Braun or Huskins?
  • Can Sharks keep up their PP tear in this series?
  • Can the Nucks keep up their PP prowess in this series?  They looked good even with two dmen down on that 5 minute PP.
  • Is Jumbo Joe now in the Conn Smythe talk?
  • Will the Orange and Teal Men return for Game 4?  They were actually amusing.
  • Can the Sharks finally have a lockdown third period in terms of goals allowed?
  • Can Marleau keep his goal and point steak going?
  • Will Pavelski get into the scoring in this game/series?
  • Will someone step up to be an SJ boob girl?

Enjoy the game.  Once again I will be drinking and trying to enjoy the game no matter what.